Beyond Hydraulics

The 'Deep Tech Deep Dive' into RISE Robotics

Moving beyond hydraulics for heavy industry means looking forward to electrified robotic actuation.

In this deep tech deep dive, I go behind the facility doors at RISE Robotics. The mechanical marvels developed there can rival and surpass the performance of hydraulics, the dominant approach for giving our machines the ability to push, pull, lift, and lower payloads. But how is this team designing, building, and evolving their capabilities? How are they growing the company? I examine these topics and more with the founders and staff of RISE Robotics.Β 

From the company’s inception and their early prototypes like jump boots and exosuits, to the development of multi-ton robotic arms and forklifts, I take an in-depth look at their journey. Learn about their unique approach to electrification, enjoy interviews with key team members, and learn how RISE is integrating their technology into various industrial applications. We even get a sneak peak at a powerful new robotic arm that may soon hold a world record!Β 

Actuation is the key component for making machines move. With an innovative belt-drive system that looks like a hydraulic cylinder but functions like a high-precision motor, this could be the future of mobility in heavy industry.

This production was not sponsored by RISE Robotics.

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πŸ”–Chapter timecodes

00:00 Β  A world of actuation

00:28 Β  Beyond hydraulics

01:02 Β  Introducing RISE Robotics

02:16 Β  Union Square

03:14 Β  Making machines human

04:20 Β  The evolution of actuators

06:32 Β  Focus on belt-driven actuation

07:59 Β  Retrospective on industrial belts

10:15 Β  Growing the business

12:20 Β  25-ton block and tackle

15:38 Β  How to push a rope

22:52 Β  Customer acquisition

24:11 Β  Prepping a forklift retrofit

27:01 Β  How to go beyond hydraulics

29:04 Β  Designing a push-pull test rig

33:03 Β  Air Force arm

35:16 Β  Future robo record holder?

36:43 Β  Serving heavy industry

37:51 Β  Tough tech takeaways


🌐 Additional resources

πŸ‘‘ Deep Tech Dialogues

Full interviews with the RISE team are available to The End Effector members who are read-in.

There are six sets of interviews conducted on-site.

πŸ‘‘ Introduction to Belt-Powered Systems (11 minutes)

πŸ‘‘ Revolutionary Belt Testing: Enhancing Durability and Efficiency (31 minutes)

πŸ‘‘ Real-Life Wearable Machines and Advanced Actuation Technologies (27 minutes)

πŸ‘‘ The Balancing of Project, People, and Money in Technology Development (31 minutes)

πŸ‘‘ The Future of Aircraft Munitions Handling: The Six Degree of Freedom Arm (23 minutes)

πŸ‘‘ Robot World Record Attempt and the Push-Pull Actuation Test Fixtures to Get It Done (14 minutes)

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