The business of breakthrough innovation

End Effector is a member-supported multimedia publisher for the deep tech ecosystem. We formulate an informed perspective on the business of breakthroughs in advanced technology, emerging science, and inventive design.

As an independent research group, the End Effector specializes in sharing how frontier technologies and their capabilities translate ‘from lab to launch’. We function like a forward-deployed Chief Advisor for Technology Strategy for our membership community of hard tech investors, entrepreneurs, and industry players.

Our team and collaborators are focused on advanced science and engineering domains, with meaningful impact in the industries of aerospace, energy and environment, robotics and autonomous systems, computation and communication, and adjacent fields.

We utilize systems design, engineering, and product-service development disciplines to assess and support opportunities for breakthrough innovation among tech startups, investment firms, corporations, governmental agencies, and other stakeholders within an innovation ecosystem.

End Effector is an extension of our work at WFS Research, led by Jonathan “JMill” Miller, and leverages our expertise on tough tech startups, defense investment, and translational engineering of advanced technical capabilities.

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End Effector is led by Jonathan ‘JMill’ Miller. He is the lead author and works with collaborators who are passionate about translational engineering, bringing new capabilities from lab to launch. 



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"...but deep down, don't you feel it too? 'Maybe someday' is just today waiting for a nudge."

–JMill, Founder

Net proceeds from The End Effector are given to foundations, initiatives, and charities advancing interdisciplinary sciences.