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We are a member-supported independent publisher focused on the business of breakthrough innovation and tough technologies. We provide several membership plans to serve all allies in our innovation ecosystem.

Membership Pricing

We also offer a no-strings-attached $1 per month ‘tip jar’ if you want to support our work in the most affordable way.

Membership Plans

We have Ally, Advocate, and Pioneer plans. 

  • Ally membership is open to all.
  • 👑 Advocate membership is our general ‘prosumer’-oriented plan. It is the best fit for solo enthusiasts and professionals who are looking for affordable access to our original work. 
  • 👑 Pioneer membership is best for individuals and organizations looking for investment/advisory support, who are responsible for managing enterprises or firms that are building and adopting new technical capabilities. Our content at this level is a great fit for deep tech / hard tech startup investors, corporate technology leaders, and government representatives, and some academic groups.


Advocate and Pioneer members are 👑 “Read-In” to get access to our protected content and services.

Subscriptions are offered quarterly and annually. We offer quarterly (versus monthly) because we feel it better aligns our membership with our longer-term perspectives, as well as representing the level of effort we undergo for each of our Stories/ Thrusts/ Cores.

    Our Content

    The End Effector has Stories, Thrusts, and Cores.

    Stories are shortform and longform content and may include newsletter materials, post commentary, and thematic series of articles, podcast episodes, or videos. Some Stories are available to the general public, while others are reserved for our membership. An example of featured Stories is our Space for Earthlings series of articles

    Thrusts are topical challenge-focused deep dives based on our proprietary analysis, stakeholder engagements, and expert interviews. Through our Thrusts, we want our members to gain a really solid understanding of where opportunities are emerging, what technical ‘bricks’ are relevant, and what to do about all that. An example Thrust we are working on is Trusting Machines. We intend to release a new Thrust each quarter. If you are a paid member at the time a Thrust is published, you are eligible to receive free swag featuring art that we created uniquely for that Thrust.

    Cores are substantial guides on foundational emerging technologies. They are self-paced, enabling readers to go from ‘zero-to-hero’ on foundational topics. Each Core has its own “Cockpit”, which includes key resources, books, podcasts, and other resources that we feel are helpful for our membership to get and stay on the bleeding edge. Cores provide a great contextual/technical basis for the Thrusts and are intended to be complementary. Cores are substantive – usually 30,000-40,000 words – and supported by visuals including our own illustrations as well as external materials. Members who complete a qualifying assessment receive a special complimentary embroidered badge. Examples of our Core guides include Robotics and Quantum Sciences. We aim to release a new Core each quarter.