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The End Effector is on a mission to inform and educate about how science-advantaged startups are changing the world. We provide analysis for investors, enterprises, and entrepreneurs.

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Telemetry is the newsletter for The End Effector’s membership. It is intended to be a synthesis of signals spanning diverse sources, both in-house and external, recent and retrospective.

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Are space technologies more than just sci-fi?
Discover how Space Industry innovations benefit Earth's businesses.

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The End Effector is delivers informed perspectives on emerging technologies that your organization needs to smartly invest its resources – financial, human, intellectual.


We are an independent subscription publication. We share impressions of our analysis via our free mailing list and social channels. Our deep analysis, reference library, and courses are available exclusively to our member-subscribers. If you are interested in sharpening your edge, join our mailing list and we will get you set up.

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Sci-Fi -> Sci-Fact

End Effector is an Independent research and advisory firm specializing in how frontier technologies translate “from lab to launch”. We publish based on primary research and expert input.

We function like a forward-deployed Chief Advisor for Technology Strategy for our membership community of deep tech investors, entrepreneurs, and industry players.

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Don’t get caught playing catch-up

One industry’s innovation can be another industry’s disruption. We have a systems perspective that spans sectors, rooted in highly-regulated mission-critical organizations and capabilities in aerospace and aerospace-adjacent areas of impact.


Tough tech teaming

End Effector provides deeptech analysis for investors, enterprise players, entrepreneurs, and other members of the innovation ecosystem.

We create bite-sized self-guided courses and certifications, videos, and a podcast. We also provide 1:1 advisory and consulting within the deeptech community. 

Gain the tough tech advantage as a solo operator or as a team.

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Putting membership to work in multiple ways

End Effector is different. Our net proceeds are allocated to STEM charities and initiatives to foster research and education.

Joining End Effector is like contributing to a force multiplier or an organism’s growth: your membership will ultimately contribute to positive impact among a diverse pool of people and industries.

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Digestible content for time-strapped professionals

End Effector provides a variety of materials such as articles, illustrations, videos, podcasts, and live virtual events showcasing industry and academic trailblazers.

Compatible with your infrastructure

Our content can be integrated into your existing learning pathways, platforms, programs, and courses.

Expert interaction

Every End Effector member is supported by our team to ensure a smooth deployment and continued value.


Reference-quality work

We do the research so you don’t have to – or so you can get a great headstart on where to dive deeper for your own thesis development.

Informing thesis development

Effective investing in new capabilities and new companies requires an educated perspective. We have developed investment theses for partners in risk capital, large enterprise, and national ‘moonshot’ initiatives.

Raw technologies become fresh superpowers

How do fresh-from-the-lab technologies enable new capabilities unlike what the world has ever seen? We bring a well-informed perspective on the “So what?” of what’s new and what matters.

Find your Yoda

There’s too much noise and hype on the hellscape of the Internet. 

Our team has a history of delivering no-nonsense perspectives to venture investors, startup founders, and enterprise executives who are really busy making an impact.

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