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Tough Tech on Tap!


Hosted by The End Effector and Cushman & Wakefield‘s STEM team. Generously sponsored by MITIMCo and Cushman & Wakefield.

About Tough Tech on Tap!


The ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, regulators, and other tough tech champions 


So we can get to know each other and get on with making an impact.


​This event is sector-agnostic and role-agnostic. You may see a biologist talking with a roboticist, or an academic researcher speaking with an investor.


Thank you to our co-hosts and sponsors

Tough Tech on Tap is generously supported by Cushman & Wakefield’s Boston STEM team and MITIMCo.

Cushman & Wakefield Boston STEM


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Are you interested in joining a tough tech social event? I am bringing our community together through casual social connection, such as over beverages or snacks in a public place. The purpose of this form is to help me see who else may be interested so I can organize something.